Are You Overpaying on Capacity Charges?

Is your energy kVA allowance set at the right level? If not, you could be overpaying. Let us help you save on Capacity Charges.

And when it's time to switch your energy, we guarantee to beat your supplier’s initial renewal quote - or we'll give you £1,000*.

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The Business Energy Search Savings Guarantee
We specialise in saving you money on your business energy. That’s why we guarantee to beat your initial renewal quote. If we can’t, we’ll give you £1,000*
Trawling the market for a better deal takes time – time you could be spending growing your business. So let our independent energy specialists do the hard work for you.

With access to exclusive tariffs from some of the UK’s leading suppliers, we’ll find the perfect energy plan for your business. Don’t let rising energy costs get in the way of your growth. Get a quote today and let’s start saving you money.
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We'll Find You a Great Deal
No need to trawl the market for the right tariff - let us find you a great price on your energy. We guarantee to beat your existing renewal quote, or give you £1,000*.
We'll Check for Overpayments
If we think you're overpaying capacity charges, we'll help set your kVAs to the right level.
Ongoing Support
We're here to help with all your questions relating to your energy supply. Just pick up the phone any time, and our friendly team will be happy to support you.
Capacity Charges: Getting it Right
It's important to set your capacity charges at the right level. If set too high, you could be paying much more than you need to. If set too low, you could be liable for penalties. That's where we come in.

Leave it to our Experts
Based on your past energy usage, we'll recommend the right kVA allowance for your business. We'll also take into account any planned changes that could affect your energy needs.

Our aim is to help you spend less time and money on your energy, so you can focus on what you do best - growing your business.

And when it's time to switch your energy, we'll search our extensive range of tariffs to find the deal best suited to you. Start by getting a quote today.
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Hassle free savings for your business.